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  • To get started with your order and provide an accurate estimate, here’s what we’ll need to know:

1. What date is your event?

2. How many people would you like to feed or do you have a specific size of cake in mind?

3. What flavour would you like? For flavour inspiration, see ‘

4. Did you have a shape or design already in mind? Please include any images, artwork, themes or colours that are related to your event.

One option to get the most for your money is to consider a cake with matching cupcakes or custom cookie combination. Cupcakes start at about $2.25 (depending on flavour, filling, etc.) with toppers ranging from about $1.25 (for plain text) up and above $2.25 (for full fondant covered with detail or 3D detailed toppers). Minimum order for medium size is one dozen, or two dozen for small cupcakes. Cookies also range in price depending on the design, starting at about $1.75. Individual packaging is also available.

Please email adjoa@psbyprettysweet.com  with the information above for a more accurate estimate.

Remember, designing a custom cake takes time and attention to detail. Please allow suitable time to create your own indulgence.